Black Onyx products range

I will soon introduce new jewellery line of Black Onyx with precious metals.

In my view Black Onyx is an eye catching, mysterious, and elegant stone of a deep black hue.

As a jewellery / accessory it adds power and depth to your overall image.

New jewellery items are in the design and making process and will be introduced to the website soon.

It's a very exciting process to work with Black Onyx stones.

As of my personal view it's a rich natural impressive stone, a chic bearer that at the same time adds strength that compliments a sophisticated look.

Onyx is variety of Chalcedony Quartz, ranging from white to Black.

Onyx is said to have healing properties to promote happiness and control emotions. It is also associated with increased health, stamina, self control, courage and Intuition.

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